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Finding Influencers For Your Next Instagram Campaign

It’s not a surprise it’s no secret that Instagram is the main platform for influencers and brands. The recent introduction to Instagram shopping has really pushed eCommerce on the platform, with existing brands introducing their brands on the app, and new brands establishing themselves in the application.

Why should you work with influencers?

With 1 billion active monthly Instagram people, it’s no surprise that this platform is the center of the influencer market. Marketers have claimed a huge increase in brand recognition and sales by using influencer marketing. And for minimal cost. This could be the perfect most effective way to boost your return on investment.

Whatever your company’s goals are, we would suggest taking into consideration influencers for any future marketing campaigns. In the year 2020, it was discovered that the three most popular industries which use influencer marketing include 91 percent of luxury brands as well as 84% of sportswear brands as well as 83% of beauty brands. However, companies outside of those categories too are experiencing huge success using influencer marketing. According to research, Instagram users check more than one business profile each day, across kinds of brands. Influencers can also help in directing these people to your business also! Additionally, brands are having success on other platforms too, such as working with TikTok influencers for video content.

Brands have seen great results in a shift away from traditional advertisements that rely on endorsements from celebrities, and instead of working in partnership with small influencers. The majority of consumers appreciate the voices of micro and nano influencers most believing that they are the most trustworthy in regards to content for promotion. In reality, the majority of Gen Z and millennial users say that they make purchases based on the recommendations and opinions of their favorite influencers. They usually follow influential people from the beginning of their careers, establishing an established relationship with them where they value their suggestions for products.

Connecting with an audience on Instagram

Instagram has been releasing a number of new features over time as each became better suited for online sales through the platform. In particular, in 2019, Instagram Shopping was released. It allows users to browse and buy products from within the app, in addition to giving brands, even those without a previously established online presence, to open a store through the app. There are many famous brands using Instagram Shopping to engage users there but have witnessed a massive increase in support for small-scale businesses and local shops.

For influencers, in the past, they could only upload media content such as stories and posts, and add the brand’s logo in the caption. But, Instagram Shopping has enabled influencers to direct the product’s tag, and clicking on the link will direct you to the page of the brand or to the purchase options. This is a significant step towards improving the efficiency of shopping for Instagram users and also increasing the demand for brands to look into collaboration with influencers.

It is possible to expect promo content from influential personalities in various media formats. The first method of uploading a post whether video, photo or carousel remains extremely well-known. They are ideal for visually appealing products that don’t require any explanation. Stories are another way for influencers and influencers to market your product, but with a cost that is a bit lower. In recent times, the increasing utilization of IG Live and Reels to promote videos has been seen as well, and where videos can help with more information for example, reviews, tutorials, unboxings, or even unboxings.

Discovering Instagram influencers

If you’re looking to locate social media influencers who will benefit your company, we’d recommend using an influencer marketing platform. It allows you to look for influencers with specific filters, such as gender, age, locations, follower counts, and audience interest, for example.

Alongside the convenience of searching by opting to make use of the influencer marketing platform, it can also help to verify authenticity and credibility for the influencer as well as an exact alignment of their target audience with your audience. It is important to be looking for growth in followers – does it increase in a steady manner? Engagement rate – is this similar to their followers? Is it not too high and certainly not too low? And the authenticity of their audience and demographics Are these demographics in line with your audience? Do the influencers have very few suspicious followers?

However, if you choose to find Instagram Influencers for yourself, then there are some suggestions that could assist. One thing that is often forgotten about is looking for influencers who already have a love for your brand. You can do this by looking to your social media followers though it can be time-consuming. Check for followers who have followers that show they have influence over their followers. Then examine their posts that they usually publish – you might have been mentioned before!

An easier way to accomplish this is to check your brand’s mentions. There are likely to be plenty of mentions from regular Instagram users, however you could filter through them to identify any influencers within the. Also, you can look into the hashtags that your business uses along with other hashtags that are related to your business. Many influencers use multiple hashtags for their posts Therefore, be flexible and look for a variety of types of hashtags they may use.


To summarize it’s true that you should make use of influencer marketing to promote your Instagram shop and finding influencers is more simple! We hope this article will assist you in achieving the benefits that come via an impact marketing program.

Finding out how to find influencers who match your brand’s personality can be difficult however, with a bit of assistance from Heepsy, it will go smoothly to help you achieve your goals in marketing. Don’t forget about YouTube influencers, Twitch streamers, and other important platforms too.


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