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5 Things To Know About LTAC Nurses And Facilities

LTAC nurses are one of the most in-demand nurses since they give care to patients who need close monitoring and extra care. LTAC facilities handle patients who are injured, sick, and disabled of all ages who have been released from the intensive care unit. The roles of an LTAC nurses may be intense but for those nurses who want to be trained well, an LTAC nursing job is a good way to challenge and broaden your knowledge. 

What Are the Roles of an LTAC Nurse?

LTAC nurses have the following roles:

Assessment and Evaluation of Patients

LTAC nurses are the ones responsible for evaluating and assessing patients when they are admitted to the facility. The assessment is important to know the exact condition and needs of the patients in that way the proper care, equipment, and other things can be prepared for the patient. Since the patients came from the intensive care unit their condition is still vulnerable and needs to be carefully evaluated. 

Administering Medications

Most medicines given to patients in the LTAC facility are intravenous or infusion. LTAC nurses are allowed to administer medicine to their patients and they are also e[xecetd to know the proper dosing and give it at the right schedule. 

Implementing Individualized Treatment plan

Since patients have different cases they have medical teams that handle their cases and individualized treatment that are made for them. LTAC nurses are the one who has to complement this treatment since they are the ones that look out for the patient most of the time. 

Wound Treatment 

Patients who have wounds should be cleaned and dressed regularly, this is part of the LTAC nurse’s duty. They have to make sure that the wounds are cleaned to avoid infection and complications.

Which Patients are Being Assisted by an LTAC Nurse?

The age of patients in the LTAC facilities varies from 0 and up, that’s why each patient should get the care that is proper for their age. While there are certain conditions that patients have in LTAC facility and these includes: 

  • Patients who need prolonged ventilator used or weaned
  • Patients who need continuous dialysis for chronic renal failure.
  • Patients who need intensive respiratory care. 
  • Patients who need medications that are administered via Iv or infusion
  • Patients who need complete wound care. 

What is a long-term acute care facility?

This is a facility where the intensive care unit patients are transferred to continue their healing and recovery. Some LTAC facilities operate solely and are not connected to any hospital. LTACspecializies in caring for patients for a longer time, most patients stay there for 20 to 30 days. So they can get the special care they need and be able to recover faster. 

What types of conditions are treated in an LTAC facility? 

Many conditions are treated in the LTAC facilities and here are some of them:

  • Chronic Pulmonary Disease
  • Respiratory Conditions that require a ventilator to assist the patient’s breathing
  • Cardiac Disease
  • Complex Wounds
  • Infectious Disease
  • Complications after Surgery
  • Multiple chronic conditions 
  • Post-intensive care syndrome

What are the Qualifications to become an LTAC nurse


LTAC nurses should be registered licensed nurses plus have a state license if they get assigned to places where it is needed. Licenses should also be updated and inactive status. 


1 to 2 years of experience in departments and hospital-related wth LTAC is a must. Since you will be handling patients that need extra care experience can assure them that you can indeed handle such patients. Experience in a tracheotomy, Ventilator, and drip is also needed. These procedures are often done on LTAC patients.


Certification in Basic life support (BLS) and advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS) is needed. This certification can be of great help once there are unexpected situations that will be encountered by the LTAC nurse during her shift. 

These 5 things to know about LTAC nurses and facilities are relevant if you are planning to be an LTAC nurse. As a nurse advancing your career is essential to have a better future and be able to reach your goal of getting specialization. Grab the opportunity while nurses are in demand to broaden your knowledge and advance your career as well. 

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