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How to Leverage Social Media Analytics for Increased Business Growth

Today, almost every business is using social media platforms to market and expand its reach. Some brands have instantly become popular due to the strength of a Facebook post, Instagram post, or tweet, while others have faced the disadvantageous effect of that power. Poor customer service or handling of complaints can also go viral, causing harm to a brand’s name. Social media management tools make it easier for you to keep track of every platform to track things like social media traffic to your blog, follower increases, and more

What is Social Media Analytics and How Does It Impact Your Business Growth?

It’s the process of gathering data from social media sites for evaluation to help you make better and more quality business decisions. Social media analytics data is collected through a process that goes beyond the usual monitoring of a single post for likes, comments, or retweets. It helps you get an in-depth understanding of your social consumers. The following are ways you can leverage this data to grow your business:

Monitor Your Social Media Campaigns

When you plan and start a social media campaign, there is no guarantee that it will be successful. A strategy that is effective on social media today may be obsolete by tomorrow or even in a few hours. Therefore, you need to regularly track every campaign to see if it is working as planned. If not, you can rectify and make changes, but end it if the results are too damaging.

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Understand Your Audience

Every business has a particular target audience. The best way to understand how people interact with your business on social media is to collect and evaluate your analytics. You can learn when they are most active on social media and share your content at that time. Timing is a crucial aspect of every social media campaign.

Understand Your Competitors

In every industry, many competitors are all striving to get the best results. They are all creating quality content and running social media campaigns targeting the same customers. Some social media analytic tools allow you to compare your results with competitors. You can analyze what they are doing, borrow a few strategies, and avoid their mistakes.

Create Better Content

Effective marketing on social media platforms revolves around consistently sharing quality content. When you track how your posts are performing, you will learn what content gets you the best results. For example, on Instagram, you can try different types of images, short and long captions, Instagram Stories, and others to understand what attracts a bigger audience.

Improve Business Processes

By monitoring keywords and business mentions on social media, you can come across customers expressing themselves either positively or negatively. It is a great way to collect reviews on your business operations and find out where you need to improve. There may be a slight operational deficiency that may be impacting your entire business.

Find and Connect With Influencers

Influencers can be a great addition to your social media marketing. They can help spread the word about you and your products to their large followings. You may attract some of them naturally without putting in any effort. They can discover you on their own and decide to engage you.

You can also look for influencers who are suitable for your brand through keyword searches. Analytics makes it easier for you to identify their preferences and habits. It becomes easier when choosing the influencer to partner with to maximize your returns.

NetBase Quid: Helping You Leverage Social Media Analytics to Grow Your Business

Tracking performance is a crucial part of business growth. With the increased use of social media for marketing, it is essential to monitor your pages’ performance and how people speak of you and your services. Most businesses run accounts across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media management tools make it easier for you to keep track of every platform.

NetBase Quid is an intelligence platform that helps divulge business trends and connections with customers. It processes billions of data to empower businesses to make accurate, data-driven decisions quickly. The platform can help your business keep up with the trends and stiff competition on various social media networks.

With the current technological advancements, most business decisions and strategies are based on data from different sources. Social media is one of the best marketing opportunities to gain access to people of all demographics. When you track how people relate to your products and services through comments and mentions, you can make better-informed decisions on your future. Social media analytics is an effective resource for the growth of any business.

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