Dresses Fashion Rules You No Longer Have

Dresses Fashion Rules! From a very young age, we were told what to wear and what not to wear. In the end, these rules began to disappoint us. Converting light-colored shoes into practical sneakers, giving us unbalanced shirts and pants, let us understand the ancient fashion rules, and then know their meaning.

However, the law of fashion has been broken. If few lawmakers wanted to reject the clothes our parents told us to wear, we would not have the new ideas that defined a generation, and liberate your fashionable clothes through various style choices, so that you can be brave, confident, and ready to join the world every day.

During my father’s clothing has decreased, which made struggling rental services and red-carpet storage difficult. In shops and warehouses.

As activities around the world cease and drastic measures are taken to alienate communities, the need for skirts and high-octane attractiveness has become obsolete.

Since March, our collective clothing needs have transformed into luxury clothing. The home office space is defined by the way we appear in “zoom”: superficial business, low satisfaction. The next CEO, Simon Wolfson, told the BBC, People don’t buy new clothes and stay at home.

Casual clothing is also affected. Office wear and suitability are the types of clothes that have encountered many problems during the fashion. There has also been a sharp decline in swimwear, as the holidays have stopped, borders closed, and the tourism industry is still fighting for survival. Go to a country that implements? Who wants to wear clothes in the supermarket or walk the dog in the garden every day?

After Labor Day No White Dress

Wearing any piece of white clothes after Labor Day is the most common fashion statement, but it has never been strictly explained. Taboos can have a practical background (white clothes can help withstand the heat in the summer before the advent of the refrigerator). According to “Time” reports, they came out to select the working class and wealthy people to escape the bustling summer city, but it is safe to say that the hardships of the 20th century do not yet exist. freely.

During Work Don’t Wear Sleeveless

When the summer begins to soar, the last thing to sweat. There are many protective products that work at high temperatures, but sleeveless Pakistani clothes and tops are the simplest of these options. Although not suitable for the workplace, the trend has changed. , Even for official institutions. In 2017, women in Congress protested the “right to weapons” and the repeal of the old law prohibiting sleeveless clothing, and it is safe to say that it would be a good thing if Congress showed this. Do it right in your workplace.

Wear Stockings with Dresses

Our mothers and predecessors regard pantyhose as the core of most Pakistani fancy dresses, but as the times change, the fashion rules also change. The woman wears pantyhose as a symbol of the class. If their bare legs are blown up by heavy objects, they will be “respected” and “appropriate”, and any woman who does not wear them will be condemned. The appearance of pantyhose is completely out of date. Not only are the socks very modern, but it is also painful if they happen to run twice.

Belt Should Match with Your Shoe


Always tell men that if they want to look professional and sophisticated, match shoes with belts, use brown skin with brown leather, and so on. The main problem with fashion is that it will change forever. This is a traditional phenomenon, and there is no longer any law showing that this is the only way to look good. Playing with colors and shapes is the only way to determine the style you are talking about.

Brown with Black Not A Good

The oldest rule in the book “Don’t Wear Brown and Black”. Your parents think they thought of this idea even before they bought the first Pakistani dress. But this rule can be broken.

How Will We Dress in the Future?

Of course, crises come and go, disasters will end, and normalcy is inevitable, but what will the new guidelines look like? The pants don’t matter. After the, when the fashion house reopened, once again danced, dressed up and integrated into society, created new designs, and new women appeared. Think about Dior’s new look: soft shoulders, avant-garde waist, bed Supplies start

After the dissemination, we hope to show our own style again, although in the era of safety, economic stability and sustainability, we will still receive new love and demand for design. The pace of social, political and economic change has always had an impact on Pakistani clothing, and soon we will know how this reflects the post-Covid-19 period.

Just like brown and black, this is a moral error, you don’t know that making ocean and black the same color, some of these colors will collide and create an unattractive appearance that makes people wonder Which ocean and which ocean is black. Like many other rules, this rule is now obsolete. There are many interesting ways to combine black colors and shadows. Add colored dust to your ocean and black appearance to make it more alive.

The combination of prints, such as striped polka dots, was once considered a big mistake in the fashion industry. Both styles will definitely confuse the observer and make them look like a mistake. Costume designers are known for playing with prints and mixing products they see fit, so why not?

The danger of looking like a Waldo or a zebra in the wild was once legally avoided to avoid lying on the ground, and some even said that it can make it look bigger. Thank you, this insensitive rule has been released.

The appearance of two kinds of denim-some people calls it “Canadian tuxedo”-used to be a law unless you make it denim, otherwise, it will never be broken. These days, celebrities look like their eldest sons. Paired with dark jeans and a stylish look, it is perfect for overnight or dinner in one of the best restaurants in the country.

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