Exploring Diamond necklaces? Here is what you should know

Diamonds are forever, so is the women’s love for them. Every woman craves to buy diamonds at all times. Given the lack of awareness, it is a general tendency to think a diamond necklace is costly in comparison to a gold necklace. But hey! Wait that’s not true. There are so many factors that total up to the cost when it comes to fine Jewellery- either gold or diamonds. Here is something all the women who want to buy and the men who want to gift their lovely ladies would love to read- The smart way to buy diamond necklaces from as low as 1lakh.

What to choose?

Considering today gold price in India, there is speculation if gold is proving to be a costly investment that is worth the money? Gold has always been a traditional instrument of investment and it will remain to be in the future too, such is the prominence of gold in Indian communities. But when it comes to diamonds they are appealing, attractive, and considered not so affordable. However, did you know you find diamond necklaces well within a lakh of rupees too?

There is a lot that depends on what you choose. Unlike gold necklaces, diamond necklaces are more subtle, lightweight, come in 18Kt. There are heavier versions in diamond necklaces too but when it comes to being more affordable choose necklaces that are lightweight and artful on the design too.

You can explore scores of designs online to get a fair idea of what is trending, the weight ranges, price per carat of diamond.

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How to choose?

When it comes to buying diamonds a fair amount of research can lead you to buy the best.

Diamond Certification: While diamonds that come with a certificate are considered genuine, some noted Jewellers do not provide any certification but a Jewellers mark to ensure the customer gets a resale value or can exchange them at a later date. Hence, weigh the pros and cons before buying diamonds that do not carry a certificate.

Diamond Clarity/cut/color: While the certification is one way to choose diamond Jewellery, the other one is to select the clarity, cut & color. Most of these remain standard for diamond necklaces or any Jewellery but if you wish to design something bespoke for yourself it entirely depends on you to select the 3Cs.

Diamond weight: When we talk about diamond weight the most affordable pieces in these are often lightweight, simple designs, 18Kt purity, and carry an unmatched charm. Diamond weight is often measured in carat, while the gold purity os 18Kt, the diamond weight can range from as low as 0.1Ct to 1Ct. Carefully inspect the weight because the cost directly depends on this factor.

 Where to choose?

With the spurt of different shopping avenues, buying diamonds is no longer a herculean task. There are a number of retail Jewellers who have online services through which your coveted piece can be simply shipped to your doorstep. But which online Jeweller to buy from remains open. Here is our piece of advice, if you decide to buy Jewellery online then select a jeweller who has both an online and store presence. This way you ensure there is an address you can reach to given any issue.

Buying Jewellery is always a personal thing, hence doing active research will only help you get the most beautiful piece and it is totally worth it!!

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