Bunk Bed For Small Rooms

If you are looking for a bunk bed for small rooms or loft bed ideas, you have arrived at the right place. However, when the space in your home is limited, you need to think vertical. That’s where a bunk bed comes in handy.

It is a lifesaver, especially in the kids’ room. On a bunk bed, two, three, or four kids can sleep, yet this takes up no extra room. A room with a bunk bed makes it very spacious. You will get enough space to organize other furniture like chairs, desks, toy chests, wardrobes, or a dresser.

If you want to purchase a bunk bed, you should consider a few things to make your investment worthwhile. Here are the details; let’s dive into the discussion.

Bunk Bed for Small Rooms – Things to consider

1. Height

Though you are seeking a loft bed since they are space-saver, consider the height of the room you want to set up the bed. Usually, these beds are 5 or 6 feet tall. So, your room should be at least 8 feet tall so that you can put the bed on easily. Also, consider whether your kid gets bumping his head on the ceiling or not.

2. Material

Considering the material of the bed is a must since it ensures durability. We suggest you go for solid wood as it provides longevity and safety.

Bunk beds are also constructed with all-metal material, which is effortless to move around. If you frequently change the layout of your room, then a metal bunk bed would be an ideal option.

Moreover, bunk beds are built with both metal and wood materials. Hence, choose the material you think is a perfect match for you.

3. Storage option

A bunk bed offers a versatile sleep solution; also, you will get a lot of things from it. You can consider adding an extra trundle bed when making a bunk bed. This can be used for different sleepovers for guests. Also, you can add a drawer underneath the bed to keep toys or other essential items.

4. Choose the Mattress

When choosing the material and height of the bed, consider the mattress as well. It is crucial to make sure you measure the mattress size and that it fits properly. Before picking a mattress, check out the space between the bed and the height of the side rails.

5. Style of bed

You will get various styles to choose from on a bunk bed. Usually, they come in a modern style with sleek lines or a traditional style with darker woods.

There are also country or cottage styles available. Either you can have a theme design or a novelty look your child loves.

6. Safety feature

Considering the safety feature of a bunk bed is a crucial thing. Before getting a bed, check if it has a headboard, guardrails, or footboards. Also, explain to your kid about these things while using the bed.

Furthermore, the person who will stay on top of the bunk for him considers the ladder type. Some come with a sleeper to climb up; on the other hand, some include stairs for sturdier climbing. Whichever the option is, you just need to ensure it is well secured.

7. Who will use it?

When shopping for a bunk bed, consider who will use it the most. Will a kid or teenager or an adult use it? If you know the height and weight of the person, it would be effortless for you to pick the right one.

8. Your budget

Budget matters when it comes to purchasing a bed or other furniture. Generally, the price of a bunk bed varies from 100 USD to more than 4,000 USD. The price also differs depending on the bed’s material and style.

Types of Bunk Beds

As you know the features to consider, you may also want to know the types of bunk beds.

Bunk with study space

If you are also looking for a study space, but the room is tiny, then you can choose a bunk bed with study space. Usually, these beds combine with the desk beneath the bed.


This type of bunk bed is typically made of wood also; these are known as traditional bunks. It would be a nice bed for kids almost the same age.


In the twin-over full bed, you will find the bottom sleeper has more room.


For teenagers, a full-over-full bunk bed is a nice solution.

Bottom Line

For a home with tiny space, bunk beds are a great solution. You can consider adding a bunk bed if you have a couple of kids or children who share the room. But before picking one, check the features properly to make your investment worthwhile.

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