Photo Prints Ideas: Keep Your Photos Alive

Updating your home décor style doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. If you’re keen to express your unique personality and good taste, it’s worth considering high-quality photo prints as your primary accessory.

Photographs are not simply for snapping and storing away in a stylish collection of elegant photo albums. There are many great ways in which you can creatively display and keep your favourite photos alive.

Enhancing Your Retro Snaps

Photos that were taken decades ago can enjoy a second life, even if the quality of the retro prints is low. Although photographic technology may not have been up to today’s standards back then, it’s possible to improve the resolution quality of your favourite images from the past by creating larger-size prints.

Resampling can enhance the visual quality of old photographs and Polaroid snaps, and transform them into high-quality photo prints that you’re proud to show off. The professional service resizes the number of pixels in your images using a technique called interpolation, which keeps the image intact. Your enhanced prints will then be ready to frame and display so that you can enjoy them all over again.

And if you love the vintage look, but only have recent snaps from which to create a display, you could use a vintage photo filter app to get the look that you’re after. The photo editor can enhance the design texture and vibrancy of your favourite image, and also add photo effects that make your snaps distinctly retro. The filter gives your original modern images a touch of charming nostalgia with just a few clicks on a computer. It’s an ideal option if you want to optimise your personal style and create extraordinary modern photo prints.

Create Modern Canvas Art

Most people traditionally choose to showcase their photographs in photo frames or albums. To give your space a contemporary look, you could consider creating a collection of stunning modern canvas art prints.

The canvas print can turn your favourite holiday or wedding snap into a work of art that can be displayed in any room in your home. So that the striking image retains its fresh appearance for years, your photo-printed canvas is coated in a protective UV-resistant and dust-proof finish. Just like the canvas frames that are used by artists, your print will be lightweight and ready to hang.

Go For Gallery Style

If you have so many photographs stashed away and choosing your favourite is proving impossible, you could always opt to display a selection of high-quality photo prints in a gallery-style arrangement.

Give your home décor the wow factor by dressing up a hallway or large accent wall with multiple images that are presented in matching frames. You can create a personal gallery with a number of large frames that are displayed side-by-side, at eye level, along with the empty wall space. Or alternatively, you could cover an expansive area with an array of different frames that complement and fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Your favourite print can of course also be highlighted on its own easel. If you don’t have room for a full-size artist’s easel that is floor standing, you could downsize and show off your snap on a small tabletop version.

Try A Triptych Display

If you’re someone who prefers a less is more approach to decorating your interior space, a triptych display could be the perfect option for you to keep your photos alive.

Triptych prints are typically arranged in groupings of three and can showcase a single image or three individual shots that beautifully complement each other. As the eye is naturally drawn to the centrepiece image, it’s a good idea to reserve this space for the main attraction that is flanked by extra details.

Super Size Your Favourite Prints

Some images are simply so spectacular that an ordinary photo frame or modern canvas print cannot do them justice. Super-sizing your favourite image to poster proportions provides an inspired solution if you have a photo that you love and are immensely proud of.

Before you go large, it’s important to bear in mind that maximising the size of your favourite photo will draw attention to its finer details. Cropping and Photoshop can however work wonders in ensuring that you’re happy with the end result.

Turn Photo Prints Into Textiles

If you just don’t have any space left in your home to display photographs in a way that they can be admired and enjoyed by everyone, you could turn your high-quality photo prints into textile accessories instead!

Keep your photos alive by transforming them into soft furnishings that you can use to make your home more comfortable and appealing. To create a one-of-a-kind designer décor, select a single image and crop it into a square on your computer. You’ll need to resize it to ensure the image’s resolution is sharp.

Flip the image and print it onto a sheet of image transfer paper. When cutting out, it’s important to leave a border all around. Lay the fabric on an ironing board right side up. The printed image should be placed face down, with an equal amount of spacing all around. Press with a hot iron, and allow the fabric to cool before peeling off the image transfer paper.

You can use this easy crafting method to create unique and personalised photo print textiles for cushions and other soft furnishings.

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