The Association Of Standing Desks And Creativity. A Perspective

Standing desks improve your posture, which increases your confidence and productivity

Standing desks, which are also known as sit-and-stand desks, have propelled creativity throughout history. They have been used by geniuses such as Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, and Friedrich Nietzsche in their quests of creative outpourings. And even today, standing desks fan the creativity and productivity flames in many a mind.

Of late, I have been noticing a vibrant streak in a friend of mine, who, like me, has a sedentary job. He spends more than eight hours at the workstation and during the pandemic lockdown. The lockdown lull left him dull and dreary. A dash of bloom came his way when he purchased a standing desk. And now he’s transformed into a blooming daffodil.

The standing desk allows him to sit and stand at regular intervals during work. He stays very active and kinetic, which sends his productivity into motion. In fact, he sounded so elated on the phone that I was left longing to meet him as soon as possible. He even said that his standing desk is like a fitness coach that helps him shed the unwanted pounds. I’m sure that standing desks also add happiness to your work-life because of their beautiful designs.

Sitting-and-standing at work has been appreciated by none other than Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., and that’s why the company provided its employees with standing desks some years back. A standing desk charges you up because it allows a good posture at work, and provides additional space for your PC, wrists, and forearms. In the process, even your back benefits by sitting and standing at work through the assistance of a standing desk.

How do standing desks foster creativity and productivity?

Standing desks stoke creativity and productivity in many ways. Let’s look at how do they do it.

1. Standing desks give you the perfect posture

Productivity and creativity can be sent into action only if you have good posture at work and a standing desk does that wondrously. A sit-and-stand desk is height-adjustable and allows you to stay at straight, firm, and at a safe distance from the glare of the monitor. Irrespective of your height, you can reap the rewards of a good posture at a standing desk.

2. Standing desks assuage back pains

Try working at a standing desk and you will notice muscular ease in your back and spine. That’s because prolonged sitting can make the back infirm and strained, whereas sitting and standing can bring back flexibility. Once your back pains are gone, your productivity will catapult to great heights. Every boss loves productive employees, and would happily invest in standing desks.

3. Standing desks burn calories

The more you stand, the more calories you will burn. When working at a standing desk, you are bound to stay active as you will take periodic sit-and-stand breaks. Moreover, standing will help you in staying fit and active. So much so that I, as an observer, would be surprised to see an unfit standing desk user. Fat loss will send lethargy for a toss, and this will have a positive impact on your productivity.

4. Standing desks and low risk of ailments

Low ailments are attributed to standing desks because once you start burning fat and sugar regularly, you’re less vulnerable to diabetes, cardiac problems, and hypertension.  Consequently, the energy is channelized towards your mind, and productivity is more than visible. That’s why the sit-and-stand approach is essential at the workplace and a standing desk needs to be your workmate.

5. Standing desks and the ecstasy hormones

How standing desks keep you happy is by keeping you active, and your brain is enticed into releasing the happiness hormone. Standing desks also make you happy by their looks. They’re designed with a lot of ‘appeal factor’, and come in white, black, and grey hues and themes. I see a standing desk as an eloquent minimalist which enlightens your mind and sparks happiness.

6. Standing desks and long-life

I feel that it’s not an understatement to say that a standing desk can help you live longer. And that’s because of the physical and mental benefits it extends in different ways. Regular sitting-and-standing at work balances the work and relaxation requirements, and you begin to enjoy your professional life. Rather, you see it as a lovable blessing. That’s why a standing desk can help you live longer.

7. Standing desks and make you confident

Standing desks make you confident by removing all the physical and mental discomforts in your professional life. Your good posture, healthy back, and spine, and good mood all merge to engineer a newly found ‘you’! In fact, confidence and productivity have always been intertwined and a standing desk reignites that old association.

8. Standing desks and the feeling of good investment

Hard-earned money needs to be invested safely, and in such a manner that you continue to enjoy its returns throughout your life. When you invest in a standing desk, you are assured of a good investment, that will only give you rich dividends. First and foremost, your medical bills will go down. Secondly, you won’t need to spend on regular desk chairs that wither with time. And finally, you will feel happy due to the fact that you have made a wise investment, and your money is safe. A standing desk guarantees long-term savings for anyone who invests in it.


Standing desks are designed to make you productive, and ignite your creativity. I’m not the only one who’s vouching for them. Stalwarts have been chronicled using them, and the current corporate bigwigs love them. This isn’t without a reason. A standing desk makes you a confident campaigner in the corporate challenges. My friend grabbed it. I’m going to grab it. And you should also grab it now.

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