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One-Click Boost Android Performance

You can buy an Android device or phone for a cheap price. You have to remember that you can’t run multiple apps or services like on flagship phones. When the number of apps, games, photos, and videos increases it may gradually lose device performance and battery life. Because of low resources like RAM and CPU. However, there are easy tricks to keep all your apps and games without losing performance. Most of the time cleaning junks boost device performance easily. You may require apps like Clean Master to remove all unwanted junk for free.

There are many Android Cleaning tools available on the play store that claim to bring better battery life, performance, storage space, and more. Here we are recommending Bee Booster. Bee booster is one of the best and effective Android Cleaning apk that helps to clean your Android device for free. Most of these free cleaning tools come with ads. That’s a common thing.

You can download this app directly from the Google Play store for free. Many Android devices do not come with Google Play Store services. Those devices can use third-party Android app stores like AC Market. AC Market allows installing any app or game on the AC Market store to install for free. No registration required. Just install and start to use it.

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Features of Bee Booster

Cleaning applications like Bee Booster come with extra features apart from Performance booster and junk cleaner. Below listed some of its features.

Phone Booster – Speed up or boost device performance by cleaning unwanted processers. Because having unwanted apps and processing will reduce the amount of free RAM and CPU workload. When that amount is low, the amount of power or performance available to run your favorite app is low. Closing those unwanted processers helps to run your apps and games much faster and smoother.

Junk Cleaner – Junks are the main reason to have low storage space. Junks also cause the device to lose its performance. Use Bee Booster to clean junks, residuals, caches, app data remained after uninstalling, and more.

Battery Saver – This feature can analyze apps based on battery usage. Finding and blocking high battery power-draining apps that are of no use will increase battery time. You can also stop apps and background tasks that drain battery power even without using the phone.

Notification blocker – When the number of apps and games increases it will increase the number of notifications you receive. You can select and block all unwanted notifications pushed by applications.

Bee Booster is also available for Android TV boxes, firestick, and Google TV. You can install the latest version of Bee Booster apk files on your Android TV box using Filelinked. Or you can use the Aptoide TV app which is similar to Google Play Store TV.

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