Books That Will Completely Transform Your Sales Team

When developing a better approach to sales, it’s one thing to find improvement for an individual. However, when trying to find training tools or motivation for a team, a different approach is usually needed. That’s because a team doesn’t just add more numbers to a sales effort; they also need to generate synergy working together as a team. When that synergy happens, an effective team is going to produce far more than each of the individuals added up mathematically working independently.

Improvement should always be sought. Any sales team that starts to rest on their laurels and not continue to improve is just going to end up becoming disenchanted and will start to drift apart. However, given a goal to pursue, they will not just continue to work well together, they will find ways to do it better with new challenges. This is where effective sales books can help. More than a handful of productivity experts agree on one particular thing – everyone should try to read one new book a week. It trains the brain and, more importantly, it spawns new connections and ways of solving problems. Here are 5 for sales team motivation.

The Sales Development Playbook

Trish Bertuzzi uses a book to push the concept of sales development. It’s geared far more towards managers of sales teams than the teams themselves, but the principles still have an impact on the same. It’s a bit of a dry book in terms of applying productivity frameworks to the management of teams, in this case, sales, but those who work as supervisors, have to lead the teams and coach them. This book provides the “how,” versus just the “what.”

SPIN Selling

Written by Neil Rackham, Spin Selling is a formula-type approach to selling. These are amazingly effective because of the use of acronyms, which are easy to remember. The SPIN approach generally is a strategy of assessment, identification of challenges, assumption of probable results, and then reward. The approach is based on street research; Rackham made his determinations on the results of over 35,000 customer interactions and how they worked. He then put his conclusions about the results and their patterns in his book. Ideally, it provides a third-party perspective of how sales work and how it can function right.

Baseball Selling

Dave Kurcan takes a sports approach to sales teams, but it’s really more of a book about understanding metrics and how to interpret them effectively. Where baseball uses sports accomplishments, like runs batted in (RBI), the same approach can be applied to sales. However, where engineering or statistics lessons simply focus on formulas, Kurcan’s book emphasizes teams achieving metric improvement versus just making observations. That requires commitment, participation, and group performance evolvement, all things sales teams should be applying consistently.

Good is Great

Jim Collins is another well-known name, motivational speaker, and company productivity, expert. However, when it comes to sales, Collins’ book is entirely about taking what is already working in a team and moving to the next level. Dubbed “next-level leadership” the book has some goldmines on how leadership can be applied to push teams, as well as move them out of a rut with new, creative thinking.

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