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4 Types of Fences for Your Residential or Commercial Property

Whether you’re thinking of your home or your workplace, there is a need to keep the property secure and draw a line to mark your property. 

While you can always build a brick wall for this, using a fence can be cheaper, easier, and quicker. Even better, you have a whole range of options with fences and you can pick anything to match your style and budget. 

To help you pick a fence for your home or place of business, here are some details on various types of fences that you can buy. 

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences may be the cheapest type of fence you can buy. While they may not be the most attractive option for your home, they are perfect for your commercial property because they are very cheap to maintain as well. 

If you do get them for your home, you can always make them look better with some greenery on them. You can also get chain link fencing in various colors and knots to make them look more appealing with the property. 

Metal Fences

If you want to go a step above the chain link fences, you get metal or aluminum fencing options. They allow you to keep your home safe without disrupting the view. Unlike chain link fences, they look better for residential properties. But, they are more expensive than chain link fences as well. 

Since these are metal, they are great for security because they are difficult to cut or break. But, you can also use them for decorative purposes or have a small fence around the pool or garden. 

While commercial properties generally prefer chain link fences, some upper-level workplaces go for these for a better appearance. 

Wooden Fences

The most common type of fences people buy for their homes are wooden. These can be great because they offer a great deal of privacy to homeowners and their families. You can easily sunbathe around the pool or have a picnic in your backyard without worrying about anyone looking in from the outside. 

Depending on the type of wood you purchase, you might be able to get a good deal upfront. However, you may have to spend more money down the line for maintenance. 

That’s because wooden fences have all the downsides of using wood for anything. The wood can rot, get termites or break from moisture. If you want to keep your wooden fences safe for a long time, you will have to spend extra to get better quality fencing options with seals to protect the wood. 

Keep in mind, they offer less security than the metal option because they are less sturdy, but they offer a great deal of privacy. 

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is growing in popularity with homeowners for its range. Instead of getting a white picket wooden fence, people are buying white picket vinyl fences these days. 

Even if you don’t like the white picket look, you can get other vinyl fencing options that offer more security and more privacy for your and other members of your house. 

They are very easy to wash, maintain, and paint. Not to mention, your fencing contractor won’t take much time putting them up.

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