3 Ways To Reduce Hunger And Appetite

If you’re trying to cut calories, dealing with hunger pangs is one of the worst challenges you’ll face. Cravings can be overwhelming, especially if your body is used to eating a lot of junk food. The first few days of a diet may be easy, and you’ll see some movement on the scale. However, when your body realizes you’re shrinking the amount of food you’re eating, expect some resistance. Your stomach will growl and you’ll feel hunger more than you normally did.

Overcoming feelings of hunger and appetite are two of the main obstacles to any successful diet. Whether you’re trying to work your way out of obesity, or you’re trying to lose a few pounds for the summer, you can find ways to reduce hunger and appetite to make things easier.

Controlling your appetite is possible. Using modern tools available to everyone can meaningfully reduce how hungry you feel and make it easier to stick to your diet. Here are three ways to reduce hunger and appetite whether you’re cutting weight in the short term or trying to change your relationship with food.

Drinking More Water Helps You Feel Full

It may sound like a cheap trick, but it’s anything but. In fact, many people across the world mistake feelings of thirst with feelings of hunger. You think you need some food when all you really need is something to drink. People in the United States are chronically dehydrated. We make up most of what we drink with juices, sodas, and other non-water drinks. What happens is that your body sends you signals that it wants more water, but people eat food to eliminate that feeling.

Yes, drinking more water every day will help you feel full and reduce hunger. It also facilitates your metabolism so that when you do eat, your body processes the food faster. When you drink a decent amount of water with your meals, you’ll feel full faster and for longer than otherwise.

Building up how much water you drink takes work. Do what you can to work yourself up to the point where you can drink half of a gallon to one full gallon of water each day. You’ll feel a difference rather quickly, and you’re less likely to reach for snack foods because your cravings won’t be there as often and won’t be as strong.

Slowly Reduce How Much Food You Eat

Drastic changes in your diet are doomed to fail. It’s extremely hard to go from eating a lot to eating relatively little. Your body doesn’t respond well to big swings in behavior. Instead, try to make small and incremental changes to the food you eat. Try eating smaller and smaller meals. Your body will eventually reduce its reliance on food. Indeed, most of what people think are hunger feelings are habits formed over years and years. You’re either bored or your body triggers feelings telling you that you usually have a bag of chips or a meal at a certain time. Essentially, you can train your body to form new habits. At some point, you can make it so you can skip a meal a day or transition into eating just one meal a day.

How Peptides Impact Hunger Feelings

Research indicates that peptides, specifically Melanotan 2, reduce fat storage and hunger behavior in animals. In tests done on mice, for instance, the rodents who received research peptide Melanotan 2 saw significant reductions in how much food they ate according to They also stopped eating fattening foods that they previously preferred. They did this by imitating the effects of the hormone leptin, commonly known to trigger feelings of satiety. Increased amounts of leptin in the body reduce cravings and food intake.

Reducing hunger and appetite makes dieting and losing weight much easier. Most diets fail after a couple of weeks because people have trouble dealing with consistent cravings and hunger pangs. Following these tips can help avoid the pitfalls of dieting and improve your chances of success. Give them a try and allow yourself some time to develop new habits related to food. It usually takes time to build new habits and eliminate destructive behaviors built over years. Hopefully, you’ll see fast and lasting results!

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