Symbols Used In Creating A Flowchart

Flowcharts usually use specific symbols and shapes to represent various procedures’ actions or steps. Things like lines and arrows describe the sequence of every step and their relationship. All this is what makes up the flowchart symbols of your flowchart maker; when you want to create an amazing flowchart, you need to know how to utilize these symbols and create something unique and great for your stakeholders. The various characters required for your flowchart include;

1. The Oval

The oval shape, also known as the terminator, is used at the end and the beginning of your flowchart. When you want to come up with an excellent oval, use the Giffy flowchart to be able to drag and drop one of the ovals that you need for the beginning of your flowchart. Remember to consistently use this symbol so that your flowchart can look complete.

2.  The rectangle

Once you have already started making your flowchart, a rectangle is your to-go symbol. This shape represents each step of your diagramming process, and it is like the workhorse of the flowchart diagram. The moment you want to grasp every process step use a rectangle, and the things it will capture are like tasks or actions in your procedure.

3.  The arrow

Arrows are a crucial element in a flowchart because it helps the reader to follow your flow chart accordingly. Always make sure the arrow points precisely were needed to avoid any confusion. There are so many arrows that you can choose from, but the best arrow to use for your business flowchart is a straight arrow, and when you decide to use this arrow, stick to it, and only it doesn’t mix arrows. When you do this, your flowchart will look neat, and this also helps you emphasize various things in your flowchart.

4. The diamond

When you use a diamond, it shows that a decision requires moving forward. This could be a binary, a this-or-that choice or a more complex decision with various options. The best thing is to make sure you capture every possible opportunity within your diagram.

Advanced Flowchart Symbols

1. Document symbol

When you have further information to put in your flowchart, you could use two or more document symbols. The essence of this symbol is to indicate things like creating an invoice or reviewing paperwork.

2. Data symbols

Data symbols are used to clarify the place that your data flowchart is going to be put. This saves you from using the paper tape symbol before technology changes the industry.

3. Input and output symbol

The input and output symbol shows where data is coming in and how information moves out of your flowchart.


With the symbols above, you have everything you need to start your flowchart.  You can do other research on how to develop a flow chart so that it can be easy for you to use the symbols and to put them. You could also go to the internet and learn more about the flowchart maker to be professional at your work.

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