In Which Direction You Should Make Your Kitchen According To Vaastu

According to Indian culture, the kitchen is considered the palace of Devi Annapurna. We do our daily cooking in the kitchen. According to Indian shastras, the kitchen must be well-cleaned and tidy. While planning a house, we generally don’t give too much importance to planning our kitchen, according to Vastu- shastra.

According to Vaastu’s directions and the top astrologer in Hyderabad, you must plan the kitchen to bring prosperity and good health to our house. A kitchen must be in the direction to ensure positive energy and the place of fire or Agni according to Indian astrology.

Vaastu is one of the most important parts of Jyotish. Here we suggest which directions you must plan your kitchen and the need to plan your kitchen in the proper direction.

  1. According to Vastu shastra, a kitchen vibes positive energy to you, and the Vastu of a kitchen must contain the five elements: earth, sun, fire, air, and water. If you find that your kitchen is not made properly, you can change certain positions to ensure positive vibes in your home.
  2. According to Indian Vastu- shastra, the god of fire is Agni. Agni prevails at the southeast corner. So the southeast corner is considered to be the place of Agni. The ideal place to make a kitchen is in the southeast corner of your house. If you cannot plan your kitchen at the same corner, Vaastu suggests choosing the northwest corner also. According to Vastu guidelines, you should never plan your kitchen at the North, Northeast, and Southwest corners. It can worsen your marital relationship and relationship with family members.
  3. Most of the appliances in the kitchen represent fire. So kitchen appliances like gas stover, toaster, induction oven, and the micro oven should be kept in the kitchen’s southeast corner. Also, you must ensure that these appliances are placed in such a direction that you face eastwards while cooking. It will generate positive energy in the environment.
  4. According to Indian Vastu- shastra and the best astrologer in Hyderabad who are experts in Vastu shastra, the cooking range should not be at the parallel range of the washbasin. Vastu makers suggest that water and fire are opposite energies and can’t stay at the same line. It will generate negative energy in a person’s behavior and cause unintentional fights between couples or family members.
  5. Washbasins, water pipes, and kitchen drains must be in the north or northeast direction in the kitchen. But it would be best if you never placed an overhead tanker in the north or northeast direction. The water tanker in the house should be kept in the west direction outside the house. You must balance the fire and water elements while planning your house. It will bring peace, prosperity and wealth to your house.
  6. The refrigerator should be placed in the southwest part of the kitchen and should be at least one foot away from the corners. Don’t keep the refrigerator in the northeast direction. It will help to lessen the hardships in your career and life. It will also create a calm environment in your kitchen.
  7. The kitchen is the place where we store grains and other food items. Grains and food are associated with the goddess Annapurna according to Indian cultural history and mythology. You must store your food items and grains in the southwest direction of your kitchen. Try to avoid using northern and eastern walls to store essentials.
  8. The entrance of the kitchen is of equal importance. Experts suggest that the entrance of your kitchen must be in the east, north, or west directions. It would be best if you also kept in mind that the kitchen entrance must not fall in any corner.
  9. Windows are the medium to let in the air in your house and cut off negative energy from the home- environment. As per the kitchen- Vastu having a couple of windows creates positive energy in the kitchen atmosphere.
  10. Consider the right colors while decorating your kitchen. You can choose bright colors like red, green or orange as the color of your kitchen. According to Indian Vastu shastra, it will make your kitchen trendy and compliant.
  11. Never place the electrical kitchen appliances in the northeast direction. Modern kitchens are full of electrical appliances. These appliances must be kept in the southeast direction. It will lower the chances of an accident in your kitchen and enhance the beauty of your kitchen also.
  12. Never build your kitchen directly above or under your bedroom, bathroom or puja room. Vastu also suggests that you never design your kitchen and bathroom in the same line. It will create negative energy in your house.

These are some basic suggestions that should be maintained while planning a kitchen. Vastu is an inevitable part of Indian Jyotish. For better guidance, you can consult with an astrologer with expertise over Vastu shastra.

Some top astrologers in Hyderabad have good knowledge of Vastu shastra. You can search for the best astrologers in Hyderabad online. The search engines will help you find out the best astrologer and Vastu expert in Hyderabad.

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