Finding The Right Staffing Company

Are you wondering what a staffing company does and how it could benefit you? Simply put, a staffing agency is a business that matches potential employees to employers. Many companies turn to a recruitment agency to solve their employee problems. In most developed countries, a privately-run employment agency and several privately-run companies that serve as staffing agencies compete for the service of employment. They do this by buying qualified labor at hourly rates from smaller firms that do not require as much paperwork.

The Recruiting Process

The recruiting process at a staffing agency involves a series of screening processes that look for potential employees with a variety of talents who may be eligible for the open positions. The ultimate objective is to hire the very best people for the job. By comparing potential candidates to the resumes, interviewing them, evaluating their skills, abilities, and experience, and determining the salary they will charge, employers can narrow down their search for the most suitable candidates for open positions. Then, when the person is hired, their hired through the staffing agency, not through the company they are working for.

Specific Periods of Time

Staffing companies in Boston MA typically hire temporary workers for a specified period of time in order to save money or to fill a position for a full-time employee that might be out on medical leave or on vacation. This allows for the recruitment of high-quality and highly qualified personnel. Many staffing agencies provide medical benefits as well. In addition to paying the short-term employment fee, payroll is collected monthly.

Have an Established Relationship

As an employer, it is helpful to form a good working relationship with the staffing agency because you’ll be working closely with them to find qualified candidates. Because you will be paying for the temporary workers each month, you should establish a long-term contract that outlines the type of fees that will be charged and when they will be due. Some agencies also provide long-term trainees and other types of training for their employees in order to bring the most benefit to your company.


In essence, a staffing agency is a company that recruits individuals on behalf of a company by placing the job description in the hands of the recruiting firm. Many staffing firms are specialized in particular fields, such as human resources, recruiting, IT, and so forth. Firms like this are a great source for finding qualified candidates because they already know what employers are looking for, and they have developed a system for finding the candidates that meet the specific criteria.

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