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eBay is one of the pioneers of e-commerce. Therefore, it is unsurprising that many novice investors seek to join this industry. What’s more, for years, eBay has controlled a large share of the online sales market, and despite the emergence of strong competitors, it has the same power. On Letizo news, you can often mention eBay and what is happening with this market now. However, let’s track its performance together, weigh its valuation, and answer whether investors should buy eBay shares right now and their prospects in 2023.

Why Is Buying eBay Beneficial?

eBay has been earning positive points from investors for years. Here are the top three reasons buying and selling are still profitable:

  1. It pioneered the concept of matching buyers and sellers through an online e-marketplace platform. It continues to benefit from its well-known brands with a gross merchandise value (GMV) of US$23.6 billion in the latest quarter.
  2. The company has successfully expanded its B2C sales and is developing a strong business in third-party markets.
  3. eBay has invested heavily in market improvements, such as introducing a 3-day guaranteed delivery designed to make it easier to buy and sell on eBay and increase sales.

The above are the main, but far from the only positive aspects.

eBay Price Chart 2022

Analyzing the market by months and even by days helps to make a future forecast for the rise or fall in stock prices. Therefore, carefully study the table below to understand where the eBay after-hours stock price will head tomorrow.

Month Open High Low Close Change %
September 40.04 40.31 39.03 39.66 -0.60%
August 44.69 44.81 43.91 44.13 -0.72%
July 49.13 49.73 48.38 48.63 +0.87%
June 42.42 42.42 41.02 41.67 -2.34%
May 48.44 49.30 47.37 48.67 -0.31%
April 51.52 53.98 51.52 51.92 -3.44%
March 59.16 59.16 57.24 57.26 -3.54%
February 54.32 54.99 53.41 54.59 -0.02%
January 57.73 60.39 57.66 60.07 4.40%

What Online Stock Can I Use?

Of course, there are quite a few stocks, but these five stand out more:

  1. Interactive Brokers;
  2. Webull;
  3. Public;
  4. TradeStation

You can choose any of them that you like the most.

eBay Prediction for the Next Two Years

eBay’s projected annual earnings growth rate of 83.32% is expected to exceed the US E-commerce median revenue growth rate of 42.94% and the US market’s median revenue growth rate of 16.52%. On average, 10 Wall Street analysts forecast earnings of $1,785,445,464 in 2022, with the lowest forecast for EBAY earnings at $1,686,559,253 and the highest at $1,845,875,926. Analysts forecast earnings of $1,955,749,493 in 2023, with the lowest forecast for earnings at $1,653,597,183 and the highest at $2,230,43341. In 2024, it is expected to make a profit of $2038154668 with a low forecast of $1697546610 and a high forecast of $2373269047.

Can I Reed eBay News on

Definitely yes! Letizo is your trusted friend, where you can find all the latest news related to investments, including trading markets, cryptocurrency prices, and, of course, the potential of eBay stocks.

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