Are Firearm Suppressors a Good Investment?

Firearm suppressors, also known as silencers or moderators, are devices that attach to the muzzle of a firearm and reduce the sound, flash, and recoil of the shot. They are often associated with movies and TV shows, where they are used by spies, assassins, and criminals to conceal their actions.

However, suppressors are not only for the bad guys. They are also legal and beneficial for law-abiding citizens who enjoy shooting for sport, hunting, or self-defence. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why firearm suppressors are a good investment.

1. They Protect Your Hearing

One of the main reasons why firearm suppressors are a good investment is that they protect your hearing from permanent damage. Shooting without ear protection can be very harmful to your hearing, especially if you shoot frequently or for long periods.

A suppressor can lower the sound level by about 15 dB to 45 dB, depending on the calibre, ammunition, and model. This can make a significant difference in reducing the risk of hearing loss, tinnitus, or other auditory problems that can affect your quality of life.

2. They Improve Your Accuracy

Another reason why firearm suppressors are a good investment is that they improve your accuracy, which is the ability to hit your target consistently and precisely. Accuracy can be influenced by many factors, such as sight alignment, trigger control, breathing, wind, and distance.

It can help improve accuracy by reducing noise, recoil, and muzzle blast, which can affect your concentration, confidence, and consistency. A suppressor can also help stabilize the bullet as it leaves the barrel, reducing turbulence and improving ballistic performance.

3. They Enhance Your Shooting Experience

Firearm suppressors enhance your shooting experience, making it more enjoyable, comfortable, and safe. Shooting with a suppressor can allow you to communicate better with your shooting partners or instructors, as well as hear your surroundings better.

It can also allow you to shoot faster and longer without fatigue or discomfort and make shooting more fun and rewarding by reducing noise complaints, attracting less attention, and increasing your satisfaction.

4. They Are Versatile and Durable

Firearm suppressors are versatile and durable. Suppressors can be used on different firearms and calibers, as long as they have compatible mounts and bore sizes. Some suppressors can even handle multiple calibres, such as the Omega 9K suppressor.

The Omega 9K is an ultra-compact 9mm pistol suppressor that can also handle subsonic and supersonic 300 BLK from barrels as short as 8 inches. It is full-auto rated for both calibres and has a tubeless design with welded stainless-steel baffles for strength and reliability.

5. They Are Legal and Affordable

A fifth reason why firearm suppressors are a good investment is that they are legal and affordable. Suppressors are legal to own in most states in the US, but they require a special tax stamp from the ATF and a background check.

The process may take some time and money, but it is not impossible or prohibitive. You can find many options online from reputable dealers who offer firearm suppressors for sale online at reasonable prices.

By choosing a quality suppressor that fits your firearm and your needs, you can enjoy the benefits of shooting suppressed for years to come.


As you can see, firearm suppressors are a good investment for anyone who loves shooting. They can protect your hearing, improve your accuracy, enhance your shooting experience, provide versatility and durability, and be legal and affordable.

If you are interested in buying a suppressor for your firearm, you can check out some of the options online. By shooting suppressed, you can enjoy shooting more safely and responsibly.

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