Why get a personal locker in a bank?

Are you looking for a reliable option to secure your valuable items? Read this blog to know more about why you should get a personal locker in the bank.

Have you ever been worried about getting your valuables stolen? Bank lockers offer a convenient way to store your valuables because it is safe and reliable to do so. Locker in banks, also known as a safe deposit box, allows you to keep valuables like currency notes, gold, documents, jewelry, and any other precious item that can be important to you. In this blog, we will discuss more about why you should get a personal locker in banks.

What is a Personal locker in banks?

A personal locker in a bank is a rented locker provided to consumers to store precious items, and most of the time, people prefer to store gold, silver, and diamond jewelry which they can’t keep at home due to security concerns. You can rent a locker for a fixed fee for as long as you want to, and many banks offer you this service as a bank account holder. Consumers can easily use the safe during permissible hours, and you can even choose to add more items to it or take back from it whenever it is required. Bank lockers are equipped with high-level security and specially built strong rooms to keep your valuables safe. 

Why is it necessary to have a personal locker?

The Bank locker facility is offered to consumers to store valuable and precious items. It comes with high-security services to support the lockers safely, making it nearly impossible to get any valuables stolen. As different people have different requirements, banks offer their customers different sizes of lockers as per the requirements and availability. Banks allow the consumer to select the locker size for the items, which is why the rent for different lockers may differ. Banks also provide theft coverage for the valuables kept in the safe in case of any mishap or loss. 

Why Get a Personal Locker in Banks?

Here are the benefits you can avail yourself if you choose a personal locker in the bank: 

  1. Attractive Rates for Account Holders: If you are an existing consumer in ADCB Islamic Bank, you can get a personal locker for a 75% discount on locker rates if you are an Emirati Excellency customer.
  2. Available at Your Nearest Location: ADCB Islamic Bank has large coverage of branches which offers you the convenience to open a personal locker. 
  3. Nominal Rental Charges: You can choose a locker for a long-term or short-term duration at a nominal fee. 
  4. Accessible 24 hours a day: Unassisted safe lockers offer you the benefit of accessing your valuables 24 hours a day, 365 days, with a unique biometric system. 


A personal locker is a convenient way of storing valuables. You can easily rent bank lockers close to your home and can have easy accessibility to it. You can keep any valuable item secure in the safe at an affordable price. It can be great to use a safe to ensure the safety of your valuables. 

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