How To Not Be Tacky In Your Productivity

It’s admirable to want to be a more productive person. You want to do more given the limited hours you have, rather than just watching TV and not doing anything. However, there is a way to tackle productivity that is tacky, and this is definitely something you don’t want to be accused of doing.

Here’s how not to be tacky when you’re intending to be productive:

Using too many hashtags for productivity

It’s one thing to update your social circle about what’s taking up your time, but it’s quite another to sound preachy with so many hashtags in your posts. If you subscribe to the #mondaygrind, that is admirable, but it becoming your lifestyle may not exactly be winning over new friends. If you agree with the mantra that #sleepisfortheweek, that is a personal choice, but if you do actually get enough sleep, the mantra becomes performative. Then again, if you don’t sleep, perhaps that means you need to revisit the decisions you’re making for your own wellbeing.

Letting work fill up your life

Productivity should not mean you overload yourself with work. In fact, you should be more protective of your free time if you claim to be productive. There should be a set number of hours in your schedule that is devoted to working, and there should be enough time for you to just sit back, relax, enjoy a cool drink, apply your mineral sunscreen, and go to bed at a reasonable hour. Let your productive hours fill your working schedule, but there should be a time beyond that for you to just enjoy life.

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Talking about work endlessly

Working has become more challenging due to the pandemic, and many have reinforced the idea of toxic productivity during this time. For many, there was not much choice, because socializing was not encouraged. Working may have even been your coping mechanism as news started to report worse and worse situations. However, you should also ask yourself if work is becoming a mask for something else.

If you are using work as an excuse to avoid talking about your declining mental health, that will not be good for you in the long run. Aside from talking about work, talk about mundane things you did for the day–what you ate, what you thought, what funny meme you saw, what new beauty products you are trying. All of these balance the weight on your shoulders.

Holding one-sided conversations

If you have a group of friends to run to when things become too difficult at work, that is a good thing. However, that same group of friends should be more than your emotional punching bag. You had a bad day at work, so you rant to them about your problems. Then, you disappear into a haze of productivity, only to resurface when the next big problem arises. They don’t get anything from your friendship, and they’re not holding any conversation with you. You simply show yourself when you need something, which is often their time investment in your life, without you offering the same.

Holding a job sure is difficult, especially given the uncertainties of the economy. However, this should not be an excuse for you to be tacky about your productivity.

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