7 Bad Habits That Your Eyes Secretly Hate

Bad habits that affect your eyes can damage your vision. For instance, if you spend more than enough screen time, wear blue light glasses. Whether you like to admit it or not, we all have bad habits that are a complete waste of time and counterproductive. And the funny or let’s say ‘the sad thing’ is that even when we know what these bad habits are, we can’t help but pick them or keep on going with them. But we are not blaming you. We know that unhealthy habits are so much easier to pick than good ones. 

While bad habits are always bad no matter what they are what they do to your health, when it comes to your eyes, they may even cost you your vision. And you probably don’t want to lose your eyesight just because you were too stubborn to give up these poor habits.

If you don’t know what we are talking about, read below to know what these bad habits are and what they do to your vision.

Screen time

You are probably reading this article on your smartphone or laptop. That’s how important our devices have become to us these days. 

If you are like most people who spend most of their time staring at a digital screen, you need to take the harms of blue light into consideration. This light is embedded on all the digital screens and damages the light-sensitive retinal cells inside your eyes. 

While digital devices are everywhere, we won’t ask you to keep your distance from them. You can simply put on blue light glasses and shake away all the thoughts and concerns about blue light. These glasses have blue light filters that prevent visual discomforts from screen-viewing and protect your ocular health.

Rubbing your eyes

Rubbing our eyes whenever they feel tired or in pain gives us a relaxing feeling. However, it is not at all healthy for your eyes. Whenever you touch your eyes to rub them, the dirt and germs on your hands pass onto your eyes and trigger eye infections. 

We often rub our eyes when something gets inside them. If you want to keep dirt and debris from penetrating your eyes, wear protective glasses with wide lenses. You can get these cheap glasses even with prescription lenses. 

Instead of rubbing your eyes, wash them with warm or cold water to relax the ocular muscles. People with dry eye syndrome often feel the urge to rub their eyes. Make sure you see an eye doctor and get prescription eye drops. Lubricate your eyes with the drops so they don’t feel dry and you don’t rub them.

Wearing wrong glasses

If you need vision correction, make sure you always wear the right and an updated prescription.  Using old glasses will not help if your prescription gets changed or your eyesight deteriorates.

Make sure the glasses you have are the prescription you need. Have an eye test, get your latest optical powers, and buy glasses online or from your local eyewear store.

Using old makeup

Applying eye makeup to accentuate your pretty eyes is good. But, putting on expired eye makeup or product does more harm than good. If you use your makeup products without checking their expiration date, your eyes won’t appreciate the carelessness. 

Using expired makeup will increase the risk of eye infections such as conjunctivitis. Also, make sure that you rub off or remove your makeup before going to bed. 

Not taking regular eye exams

Regular eye exams help you detect eye problems before they turn severe or irreparable. Also, visiting your eye doctor every year will spot any underlying health-related issues. With the behavior and movements of the tiny blood vessels of the eyes, your optometrist can detect any unusual pattern that points towards a potential health condition.

Not wearing sunglasses 

If you leave your eyes bare under the blazing sun, you probably don’t know about the risks associated with it. Not wearing sunglasses invites the sun rays to go deep into your eyes and damage the macula. As a result, you will have to deal with macular degeneration or cataracts. 

Make sure you invest in good-quality sunglasses that give 100% protection against UV 400. You can turn your normal prescription glasses into sunglasses by adding tint to the lenses or simply swapping your regular lenses for photochromic lenses. 


Smoking is the worst habit that not only affects your lungs and cardiovascular health but also your eyes. Smoking can lead to the inflammation of the tiny blood vessels inside the eyes. It puts pressure on your eyes and excess smoking may even lead to glaucoma. 

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